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Just saying hello and I like your website and especially the horses.
November 27 2006 - Kansas USA

Phyllis (Phil) English | E-mail
Looking better every time I see ya. Keep on moving up kiddos!
October 24 2006 - Godwin, NC

Pat and Jack | E-mail
We really like yor new website. Just love to look at all you great pictures.
October 22 2006 - Grand Island, Nebraska.

Kenny , IN. | E-mail
You did it again. Your new web-site looks awesome. The photos of your, family, and your horses are great.
October 20 2006 - Indiana, USA

Sharon Mayhew
Love those fun photos! Plan to keep checking for more changes later!
May 21 2006 - Kentucky, USA

Kenny | E-mail | Homepage
Hi, I loved your new website. You did a great job Melinda and Randy, and I loved your fun photos. Your horses are beatiful, and I really love mine that I got from you.
May 18 2006 - Indiana

tara | E-mail
Great web site. Love the fun photos. Randall did good job.
May 17 2006 - KY

Your site has really made some good changes. Very easy to surf through. Great Job!
May 17 2006 - Kentucky

Kevin Cain | E-mail | Homepage
The site looks great... Shyann is beautiful...K.
May 15 2006 - Kentucky

Phil | E-mail
Great going there kiddos. You can add me as a satisfied horse buyer from you if you like. My Miss MacKenzie is doing just fine.
May 15 2006 - North Carolina...USA

Jerry and Susan | E-mail | Homepage
Stopped by to see you're new site. Just want to say that we are so pleased to do business with you and so proud to share your friendship. It's been, riding, rescuing, healing. Y'all are great people with great horses!
May 19 2005 - Kentucky, USA

nice job on your webpage!
March 29 2005 - Kentucky

Tammy and Nancy
Great Site, Good pictures of your horses, the farm and the children!
March 12 2005 - Lebanon, KY

Deb's Little Acres | E-mail
Once again; Randall is amazing. Great
site. tom & deb
February 27 2005 - kentucky,

Tom & Debbie | E-mail
This is a great site. Randall did an
excellent job.
January 27 2005 - Alexandria,Ky.

Michele D. | E-mail
Hey Randall nice hair! The sites good, but your hair is just scary!!!
December 21 2004 - Kentucky

Travis Rose | E-mail
Randall nice job with the site! Keep up the work! Awesome Graphics!
December 19 2004 - kentucky

Cathy Woosley Luse | E-mail | Homepage
I have really enjoyed looking at your website. We are so happy that Sissy is such an important family member. Good Luck with your newest acquisitions!
October 12 2004 - Ohio, USA

Tom & Deb | E-mail
Like your new site. Really like that
mare (Sissy). Is she for sale? Going to
miss my pics of the baby.
September 11 2004 - Kentucky

hey,nice site.
i like your horses especially the barn. i really like your puppy he's really cute! if i could i would buy one of your horses to add to did a good job on the site keep up the good work! bye
January 18 2004 - Mayfield,Kentucky

Jeana | E-mail
Thank you Randy and Melinda. We had a good time comming to see Katlyn. Can't wait to bring her home. It was nice seeing all the other animals. Thank you again for Katlyn. See you in October.
June 30 2003 - Benton, Tennessee

Katie | E-mail
Nice site. I like the pitures. Your horses are beautiful.
June 26 2003 - Henderson County, Ky.

Diane Erjavec
Great job Randall. Please take Shyann off the Horses 4 Sale. Please, Please, Please. :o). Congratulations on your Graduation!
June 14 2003 - Lebanon, KY

your site is awsome i really liked sky!
March 13 2003 - Kentucky,usa

Kevin Cain | E-mail
Outstanding web site. Your horses are beautiful
December 30 2002 - Kentucky

Great job Randall, you have really put these pages together nicely. I really liked the way you did "Our Horses"
I like this site better than the first one. BTW, nice touch adding a picture of your car :-)
Loved the other pet pictures too.
October 8 2002

Ken Chambers | E-mail
Hey Randy, Great looking site. Bet this hobby is almost as much fun as the other one (work). Keep at it bud.
August 19 2002 - L'Orignal, Ontario, Canada

Hey your web site looks great. Randall you did a great job. I love the pictures of the animals. I love you all. Your Sis,
August 13 2002 - KY

Laura | E-mail | Homepage
Hi, your website looks really nice and I really like Shyann, she does look like my stallion Mr Mighty Max:)
July 30 2002 - Kansas

Aimee Earl | E-mail
Great site! Your designer did a good job. Loads fast and the pics are good.I love it even more since I have been there. I am lovin' Katie and Shyann. Hmmm....maybe I'll see you again soon. LOL.
July 30 2002 - Louisiana, USA, of course!!

Pat and Jack | E-mail
We really enjoyed your Website. It is fantastic. Loved the fine-looking horses, also liked the family pets. You certainly have a beautiful farm, would like to come see it some time…
God Bless, Pat & Jack
July 13, 2002
July 13 2002 - Grand Island, Nebraska 68803

TJ | E-mail | Homepage
The site looks great!!
I still want Shyann & Cammy lol.
All of your horses look just gorgeous.
Keep up the great work. Everything looks wonderful.
Katie looks great. Her and my world champion stallion sure would make a nice baby lol.
You have a great day & Talk to you later!!
God bless!! TJ
July 10 2002 - Oklahoma, USA

Erin Lassley | E-mail | Homepage
Well it looks like you have a very competant webmaster running this site! I like the pictures of the farm and the horses but I would like to see more pictures of the family! I found John but nobody else. Anyway, nice website and sure enjoyed meeting you guys last week. Take care and TTYL!
July 4 2002 - Beatrice, NE 68310

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